Meet morning Max’ers: Mary and Terry!

Terry Parker:

Nickname: T.P.

Guilty Pleasure: Being in the room when something Awesome is about to happen….

Hidden talent: A magician in the kitchen…

Dream Job: Been doing it now for over 30-years

Proudest Moment: Each of our 4-kids accomplishments.

Favourite Leisure Activity: Concerts, concerts, concerts…

Mary Sullivan:

Nickname: Mom

Guilty Pleasure: A big bag of roast chicken chips

Hidden talent: I can get a knot out of anything!

**Dream Job: **Rock Star

Proudest Moment: When I was able to rally the people of Moncton to get behind a local family from Korea who were going to be deported, we got the provincial and federal gov’t to change their mind in one week ( which people in the know told me was unheard of) then we had a huge celebration downtown!!!

Favourite Leisure Activity: Hanging out with friends and family