Viola Desmond Gets the Respect She Deserves

March 9, 2018 | by: marysullivan

Yesterday the Viola Desmond $10 bill was unveiled  at a Halifax library by her sister Wanda Robson. It was a very proud day for women and people of colour as Viola is the first non-royal woman and the first person of colour to be on a circulating Canadian bank note.


Why her you may ask? Here’s Viola’s story:

Long before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus there was Viola Desmond. Viola Desmond wanted to see a movie in New Glasgow, NS so she went to the theatre and asked to purchase a ticket for the main floor but was told that the main floor was for whites only and that she would have to buy a ticket for the balcony where the black people sit. So Viola bought a balcony ticket and sat on the main floor anyway, the police were called, she was forcibly removed from the theatre which caused injury to her hip and she was thrown in jail for the night. Once out of jail she was charged with tax evasion because the balcony ticket she purchased was 1 cent less, with tax, then the main floor ticket.

Thankfully she was pardoned posthumously and we are sure that Viola was smiling down yesterday when her sister revealed the new $10 bill. Viola finally gets the respect she rightfully deserves. So when you get one of these new bills look at the picture of Viola and send her love and respect, she sure deserves it!

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