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May 29, 2019 | by: Terry Parker

Triggers That Make Us Check Our Phones Too Often

Reaching for your phone in moments of silence, or because you simply struggle to disconnect, can be socially rude and emotionally tiring (especially if you’re a news fan). University of Washington researchers believe they have identified common triggers that prompt us to take our phones out, and they’re the same across all ages. Below are outlined what they are, how to anticipate them, and what you can do to change your habits and spend less time staring at a screen.  

During unoccupied momentsThe problem is that a little bit of boredom might be good for us: There’s evidence that it aids creative thought (something to do with the way that minds can wander when they’re idle). The next time your mind is blank, remember that’s probably not a bad thing.

Before or during tedious and repetitive tasks: The psychological desire for distraction during dull tasks is a well-established one, and that’s what our phones provide, access to a never-ending stream of tweets, Instagram posts, Snapchat Stories and Facebook updates that we’re never going to get to the end of.

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