Today Is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

January 29, 2018 | by: terryparker

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is one of the most unnecessary holidays we can imagine celebrating a fantastic and fun toy that was created by accident, solely for the purpose of preserving delicate items through shipping. From there it’s become a therapeutic bonus prize in every shipping container, loved by men, women, children, and animals alike! Bubble Wrap appreciation day can best be spent by taking a big old roll of Bubble Wrap and popping every single bubble in the sheet. Share these with your friends and family who need a bit of stress relief, and then share another sheet with them, popping away. One of our favorite ways to destress with Bubble Wrap is to take it and roll it in a tube, grab both ends of it, and twist as hard as we can, causing a torrent of pops to come forth.

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