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October 3, 2019 | by: kerri

This Weekend on Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown

Saturday’s 80’s Countdown: OCTOBER 4, 1980
8 am – noon

Canada was instrumental in getting 6 American hostages out of Iran. The separation referendum in Quebec was defeated with 60% against separation. CNN launched in 1980 and a tragic fire at the MGM in Las Vegas killed 85 people. In the early fall of 1980, Top 40 songs included the theme from the movie Caddyshack and Irene Cara had a huge hit with Fame.



Sunday’s 70’s Countdown: OCTOBER 7, 1972
8 am – 11 am

In 1972 it was Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War in the headlines. Women were allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon for the first time. Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky to become world chess champion. Mash, the Beachcombers and Marketplace all debuted on TV. In the early fall of 1972, we were listening to music by the Raspberries and Daniel Boone.