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July 10, 2019 | by: kerri

This Weekend on Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown

Saturday’s 80’s Countdown: July 9, 1988
8 am – noon

In 1988 Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister. Popular TV shows were Roseanne, Cheers, Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote. It was a big year in sports with the Edmonton Oilers winning their 4th consecutive Stanley Cup in four games straight over the Boston Bruins. That summer the Oilers traded Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles. It was summer in 1988 and Def Leppard and Rick Astley were in the Top 40.



Sunday’s 70’s Countdown: July 15, 1972
8 am – 11 am

In 1972 we had Pierre Trudeau as Prime Minister. Cigarette advertising was banned in Canada. The biggest story of the year for a lot of people was Canada beating the Soviet Union in the Summit Series 4 games to 3 in September. And The Beachcombers debuted on TV. It was mid-summer and the Hollies and Alice Cooper were in the Top 40 Countdown that originally aired July 15, 1972.