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March 11, 2019 | by: Terry Parker

The Case For No More Time Changes

The newest jurisdiction grappling with the necessity of time changes is British-Columbia. After all, there is plenty of good reasons to do away with the practice.

IT DOES BAD THINGS TO THE ECONOMY: A study found power costs from lighting went down in the evenings, but rose in the mornings, negating any savings. As well, there’s a measurable productivity hit in the immediate aftermath of the change. A 2013 study found the lost hour cost the U.S. economy around $434 million.

IT (TEMPORARILY) TURNS US INTO LOUSY WORKERS: It’s not reasonable to expect an artificially bleary-eyed workforce to perform at its usual level the Monday after the time change, and most people wouldn’t be surprised at what the science says.

DRIVERS (AND PEDESTRIANS) GET HURT: That lost hour in spring makes for bleary-eyed drivers, and that means more collisions. The number is measurable, and definitely linked to the time change.

RISK OF SERIOUS ILLNESS GOES UP: Losing even a single hour’s sleep can throw off your whole body’s natural rhythms, such that your risk of severe or life-threatening health afflictions goes up. A 2012 study from the University of Alabama found heart attack risk is up by 10 per cent on the first couple of days after the spring time change.