Shediac Attempts World’s Largest Lobster Roll!

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May 18, 2017 | by: marysullivan

Not only can Shediac brag about having the largest lobster in the world now organizers of the Shediac Lobster Festival are promising that the worlds longest and most expensive lobster roll will be made at the festival this year.



Last year in Shediac they made a 106 ft lobster roll that held the record until Charlottetown answered back with a 120 ft long lobster roll so this year it’s on!! Using bread baked in one long 150 ft roll and 120 lbs of lobster valued at $4000 Shediac will create a 150 ft lobster roll to take back the record.

The record setting lobster roll will be served at the Shediac arena on Friday, July 5th at the Festival Arena. Tickets for the dinner are $20 with proceeds going to scholarships for local students in post-secondary education. Tickets are available until July 4th at Shediac: Co-op, Jean Coutu Pharmacy and Sobeys. Dieppe : Pharmacie Jean Coutu or online at

Bon appétit!


Photo courtesy of Shediac Lobster Festival website

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