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March 14, 2019 | by:

Pete Townsend’s Enthusiasm is Contagious

Pete Townsend of The Who is busy these days sharing his excitement for the next release of all-original songs expected later this year. This is encouraging especially when you consider his attitude regarding band projects in recent years has been rather nonchalant. Here is a paragraph from a tweet Townsend posted March 14/2019.

‘Roger is very positive about the new songs we are working on for the forthcoming album. He has been doing sketch vocals, getting used to the songs and finding his own place, and his own way into the stories. I’m about to listen to more work Roger has been doing in the studio on vocals, and I know he will surprise me and delight me as always. Until Roger sings one of my songs it isn’t really a “Who” song, and the magic is starting to happen.’

Watch Video Update from Pete Townsend: