National Road Safety Week

May 17, 2017 | by: terryparker

As an avid cyclist, and motorist, I’ve been close to being involved in several serious bicycle/car accidents. The new ‘Ellen’s Law’ takes effect on June 1st and will hopefully cause all of us who contribute to traffic flow to pause and reflect on what we can be doing better to lessen the risk of serious injury or death, whether we ride on two wheels or four.Every month of May the week heading into the Victoria Day Long Weekend is National Road Safety Week. A time to bring awareness to the reality that over the next few months we will all need to share the road with various types of vehicles not seen since last year.

Under Ellen’s Law, the driver of a motor vehicle shall not pass a bicycle travelling in the same direction as the motor vehicle, unless there is sufficient space to do so safely, and the driver leaves at least one-metre (three feet) open space between the vehicle and the bicycle. Failure to provide this space will be an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act with a fine of $172.50 and three demerit points.

Source: Province of N.B.

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