Music Heals!

April 12, 2018 | by: terryparker

Once again tragedy has resulted in many people turning to their favourite genre of music as a coping mechanism to help heal shattered spirits. We are all aware the power a favourite song has to improve mood, for example a re-working of the Tom Cochrane song Big League that is providing comfort this week, but what about the thought that music can help trigger health benefits in the physical realm?   Legendary Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart has been working with neurologists on the science of music therapy and the power of vibration. Hart explains when someone has dementia or some other kind of disease, the neurological pathway is broken. “The brain is constantly scanning for vibrations and in dementia they’re cut off, these connections are broken and vibrations seem to reconnect somewhat.”  He adds. “It’s a great mystery…We don’t exactly know how it works, we just know it works. Sound is really a healing agent,”                                                                                                                                               Hart shares the experience that convinced him that his suspicions were right. “My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, she hadn’t spoken in years and I played a drum for her once when we were alone in a room and she said my name. Then I realized what the power of music could do. That set me on a whole other path and that’s kind of why I wound up at the Hayden Planetarium — go figure.”

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