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October 10, 2020 | by: TonyEnman

UPDATED: Mask use in public schools in Zone 1, 5 mandatory; few exceptions

Education Minister Dominic Cardy announced that all students in Zone 1 and Zone 5 are now required to wear masks at all time, with few exceptions.

Schools in the Orange

In the Orange level, enhanced mask use will be required for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. These policies apply to all students, teachers and staff, unless they are not required to wear a mask for medical reasons.

Students in kindergarten through Grade 8 will now be required to wear a mask throughout the day, except when they are working quietly at their desk, engaged in physical activity, eating or drinking. Students in Grades 9 to 12 will be required to wear masks throughout the day, both indoors and outdoors, unless they are eating or engaged in physical activity. Students of all ages and grades are required to wear masks at all times on the school bus, even if they are sitting alone or with a family member.

The Return to School plan establishes that all intramural, interscholastic and extra-curricular activities are suspended while zones are in the Orange level.

Early learning and child care facilities in the Orange

Children attending after-school care programs are required to wear masks at all times, unless they are engaged in physical activity, or when they are eating or drinking. Children aged two and up will wear masks when they are in common areas and if they are using transportation that is provided by the facility.

Field trips will not be permitted while the region is in the Orange level and active screening procedures will be implemented. More information on active screening procedures is available in the COVID-19 Recovery Phase: Guidance to Early Learning and Childcare Facilities and Summer Camps.

These policies are only in place for schools and early childhood learning facilities while the zone is in the Orange level. Facilities will return to their normal operational plans once the zone returns to Yellow.

“I know you have many more questions and will certainly have more in the weeks to come,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy. “We are committed to keeping you as informed as possible throughout the coming school year. I ask that everyone continue to be kind, be patient and keep following Public Health’s advice.”