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November 27, 2019 | by: Mary Sullivan

Is the “Man Flu” a Myth??

A Nova Scotia health-care consultant says it’s time to cut the men in your life some slack — there really is such a thing as the “man flu.”

While a woman might say she has a stuffy nose, a man would complain that “my entire head is going to explode,” said Mary Jane Hampton.

Hampton says there’s both cultural and biological evidence to support the existence of the man flu.

“If they really say that they feel absolutely, incredibly terrible with the flu, they might need a little bit longer to recover and it may be quite legitimate that they really do feel that bad,”

Hormone levels have an impact

Hampton said boys and men are often socialized to be stoic or to man up, and that has an impact on how they describe their symptoms.

“We kind of train men to think that the only symptoms that it’s legitimate to complain about are ones that are off-the-chart terrible,” she said.

That means men might only speak up when their symptoms get so bad they really do need to stay in bed all day, she said.

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