June 25, 2018 | by: Terry Parker

Hurricane Season Information

Tropical storms are not new to our region, and the 1869 Saxby Gale remains as a reminder of the devastation that can affect our community.


–  ‘Get a kit, make a plan!’ A 72-hour Emergency Kit, as recommended by the Canadian Red Cross, should include all items that ensure your family is taking care of, while sheltering in place, for several days.

–  Stay informed, and be careful of rumours and fake news! During times of crisis, the City of Moncton and the Province of New Brunswick’s Emergency Measures Organization, as well as local media, are the most trusted sources of information.

–  Reach out to your neighbours! Do you have seniors or a family with young children living nearby that might need assistance? By working together, Moncton will continue to be a strong and generous community.