Flash Freeze – How To Prep Your Car

February 5, 2018 | by: marysullivan

Prepping your car

First, lubricate all services that may cause damage. Your car will experience freezing temperatures, so help it out by lubricating the surfaces that would experience the most trivial damage. This includes window tracks, weather stripping, door locks, and the latches and hinges (because the last thing you want is a frozen hood latch).

Next, check your tires. Because who wants a worn tire during the winter months? Make sure to check your tire pressure and your tire tread depth before exposing your wheels to snowy surfaces this month. If you’re in an area exposed to a lot of snow, consider buying a set of winter tires. They may cost upwards of $600 or more for a set, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Your stopping distance is 30 feet compared to all-season tires, with a 48% faster stop rate and fewer skid marks altogether.

Want to avoid a freezing engine? Check your coolant. Your coolant is there to make sure that your entire cooling system is in shape, especially when it comes to freeze protection. Not sure how? Test your coolant with a digital multimeter following these instructions.

Lastly, switch out those wiper blades with stronger winter blades that can withstand the ice and snow. Winter blades will avoid packed up snow on your blades, which will also eliminate streaking. Here’s how to replace your current wiper blades to winter ones.

If you have extra time, put together a winter emergency kit for your car. It may save you from some sticky situations down the road.


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