A Revamped Canada Food Guide

a group of young friends sit on the sofa and share a chinese take away meal , chatting and laughing with each other as they use their chopsticks to eat .
February 1, 2018 | by: terryparker

Changes are coming to the Canada Food Guide. The current edition has been around for about a decade; and it’s  about to be freshened up. An update to the food guide is expected to be announced by Health Canada some time this year. Many things about the guide are still unknown, but there are indications that it could look completely different from the previous guides we’ve seen.

Our eating habits have shifted significantly in recent decades, and the information released so far indicates that the new guide will attempt to address that reality.

Canadians are also a lot more likely to eat meals outside the home — not just at restaurants but on the go. These foods often don’t provide full nutritional information, and it can be hard to judge your serving sizes.

For example, serving suggestions in the current food guide are based on whole foods, but Canadians eat many meals where the food groups are not necessarily easily discernible with a quick glance — for example, casseroles or curries.

Source: Huffingtonpost.ca

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